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Vaccine opponents campaign to artificially inflate sales of book about autism and mercury.

June 8, 2005

Advocates of the view that autism is due to mercury poisoning have initiated a campaign to artificially inflate sales of the book, Evidence of Harm by David Kirby, which purports to show the connection between mercury in vaccinations and neurological disorders such as autism. Buyers were being encouraged to purchase multiple copies from Barnes and Noble bookstores on June 8 to give the book a higher sales ranking than it would achieve with legitimate readership. An advertisement for the book stated:

So far sales have been strong for this milestone work on the autism epidemic. Now it's time for more. Time to put this book on the New York Times bestseller list. On June 8, please buy multiple copies of Evidence of Harm from a Barnes & Nobel retail store.

This effort is part of a larger campaign to eliminate vaccines preserved with the mercury-based agent Thimerasol. (New York Daily News) Thimerasol use has already been reduced or discontinued despite the absence of credible epidemiological evidence that it is linked to autism.