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BAAM 2014 Convention
Thursday and Friday February 20-21, 2014

"The Science of ALL behavior: Showcasing the Diversity of Behavior Analysis"

Tentative Convention Schedule
(Subject to Change)


Keynote Speaker

Susan M. Schneider
(Visiting Scholar, University of the Pacific)

Susan Schneider

Author of:

The Science of Consequences: How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World

Science of Consequences Book Cover

28th Annual BAAM Convention

February 20-21, 2014
Student Center
Eastern Michigan University

*Accommodation and dining venues change often.  Please check the web for up to date information.

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 BAAM Statement of Purpose

The Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan has been organized to support and promote scientific research on the basic principles of behavior and the extension of those principles to create demonstrably effective and humane outcome-based therapies with the primary goal of establishing and enhancing functional independent living skills.

BAAM Convention Overview

How BAAM Works: The BAAM convention is a multi-track, session-oriented academic and professional meeting open to all. The BAAM convention generally opens with an invited keynote address by an internationally known scholar speaking on a topic of general interest to BAAM attendees. Following the keynote address, breakout sessions on a variety of topics occur throughout the day. These sessions are either selected from submitted proposals or invited by BAAM. A poster session featuring research by scholars from regional universities ends the convention. BAAM also features participatory workshops, usually by invited presenters, on topics of practical interest to BAAM attendees, often including non-professionals. Workshops are longer than most sessions and generally require the payment of an additional fee. Registered attendees may attend the keynote address, any regular or invited session, and any open meeting on the day or days for which they are registered. Workshops are open only to those who have paid the workshop fee.

Registration Cost: Please avail yourself of our online advance registration options.  Registration fees for regular members are expected to be about $70/both days; $40/one day. For students, $40 both days; $25/one day. You may pay by cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard or Visa only). Advance registration saves $5 to $10. At-the-door registration fees may be $5-$10 more.  (Fees subject to change.)

Location: The meetings will be held at the Student Center on the Campus of Eastern Michigan University. This is a brand new building on Eastern's campus (Campus Map). Get off of Washtenaw/Cross and take Oakwood North. The New Student Center is about 1/4 mile north of the intersection of Washtenaw and Oakwood on your right. (It can also be accessed by going south on Oakwood off of Huron River Drive.) Enter the Student Center and go to the south end of the 2nd Floor for registration. (Directions)


Low cost parking is available for all registered attendees and other ticketed lots on campus (Regular cost is up to $8/day). If you order a voucher in advance, we will supply them to you to replace the one given by the machine or attendant. The New Student Center lot is on Oakwood Street, which intersects Washtenaw/Cross Street on the South End and and Huron River Drive on the North. Take Oakwood north off Washtenaw/Cross. Then, after about 1/4 mile, the entrance is on your right. Don't be late, or parking could fill. There is overflow parking in the Oakwood parking lot (first right off of Oakwood from Washtenaw/Cross). You may park in any general-entry lot that provides a validation ticket. Most of these are automated. 

Meals and Hotels: BAAM will provide some light snacks in the mornings from 8-9 and during the poster session on Friday afternoon from 4-5:15 pm. Otherwise meals are the responsibility of the attendees. The  Student Center offers a variety of dining choices right in the center. BAAM will also include a list of nearby restaurants in the materials given to registered attendees. Hotel accommodations are also the responsibility of the attendee. BAAM does not have an official convention hotel, but there are several within a few miles of campus.

Disability accommodations : If you require accommodations for a recognized disability, please let BAAM know in advance so that we can coordinate with the appropriate university offices.

Cell Phones: Keep cell phones and similar communications devices in silent or vibrate mode. If you must answer your phone, please move discretely out of the room to have your conversation. If you know in advance that you might receive an essential call, please sit where you will not cause a disruption if you must leave or return.

Wireless Internet: Wireless internet access on the EMU Campus is password restricted. EMU faculty, staff, and students may use their regular access privileges. BAAM will make arrangements for temporary wireless access for non-EMU convention registrants.

Audio and Video Recording: Registered attendees may make electronic audio recordings of the BAAM addresses, symposia, and panel discussions for personal use only. Such recordings may not be posted, sold, or transcribed in full or as notes for free or commercial distribution except with the expressed written permission of the presenters and BAAM. Informal, non-commercial video recordings for personal use only may be made with the permission of the speakers, with the same distribution stipulations as with audio recordings. Please consider the potential distractions to the speakers and audience inherent in setting up and managing video recording equipment. Recording in meetings, private gatherings, and other contexts that are not open to the general public, where there might be a reasonable expectation of privacy among the participants, is not permitted except with the expressed permission of the Chair of the event and the unanimous informed consent of the participants. Recordings in sessions being recorded by Eastern Michigan University or by recording or transcription services contracted by BAAM is ordinarily prohibited without permission due to contract stipulations. Commerical recording services may only be contracted by individual presenters with the express written permission of BAAM and Eastern Michigan University.

Past BAAM Convention Agendas

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Miscellaneous Records and Lists

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BAAM Convention Downloadable Posters (Legacy)

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