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ABA/EIBI success story on MSNBC


Some relevant articles on ABA/Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions:

  • Lovaas, O. I. (1993). The development of a treatment-research project for developmentally disabled and autistic children. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 26, 617-630. (PDF)
  • Lovaas, O. I., Koegel, R., Simmons, J. Q., & Long, J. S. (1973). Some generalization and follow-up measures on autistic children in behavior therapy. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 6, 131-165. (PDF)
  • Van Houten, R., Axelrod, S., Bailey, J. S., Favell, J. E., Foxx, R. M., Iwata, B. A., & Lovaas, O. I. (1988). The right to effective behavioral treatment. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 21, 381-384. (PDF)

Find more outcome studies on ABA/EIBI at AutismPartnership.com

Peer-reviewed studies show effectiveness of ABA treatments for autism

16 of 29 children with autism in intensive ABA therapy tested in normal range after 14 months, compared to only 5 of 32 children in "mixed" treatment. Significant improvements were seen in all children in the ABA group. (Behavior News)

A study by Glen Sallows and Tamlynn Graupner of the Wisconsin Early Autism Project shows that 48% of children with autism given intensive behavioral treatment achieved average outcome scores and succeeded in regular education classrooms (Behavior News)

Autism and ABA Classics

  • Baer, Wolf, & Risley (1968). Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis (Pubmed)
  • Ivar Lovaas--Behavioral Treatment and Normal Educational and Intellectual Functioning in Young Autistic Children (FEATNC)
  • Ivar Lovaas--Clarifying Comments on the UCLA Young Autism Project (CTFeat)


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BAAM is looking for behavior analysts to write descriptions of behavioral treatments and create other resource materials for our site. If you are interested in helping, please contact BAAM (Contact page)

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  • This new page will list online resources for autism and related disorders. Includes 30 new links (Autism links)

ABA on video

ABA on the radio: From the Elija foundation, 30 min programs on ABA & autism. (Elija Foundation Radio)

Science-based autism treatment information: ASAT website.

Definition: "Applied Behavior Analyst" (BAAM)

Autism resources from the New England Center for Children (NECC).

Separating fact from fiction in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism (CSMMH)

Resolutions on facilitated communication (BAAM; APA)

BAAM supports the development and implementation of high-quality, highly effective, evidence-based autism treatment. Interventions that have been shown to be ineffective or dangerous have no place in the lives of people with autism.

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