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Become a signatory to the BAAM resolution on the scientific
evidence against the validity of facilitated communication*

The promotion and use of facilitated communication and other pseudoscientific interventions for developmental disabilities are on the rise in our state and across the nation.

Parents, guardians, teachers, treatment centers, and school systems are being pressured to use a communication method that the scientific evidence shows simply does not work. Ignoring the large bodies of accumulated scientific evidence against the validity of facilitated communication (FC), autism advocacy and support groups from the local to national levels describe facilitated communication as an effective intervention choice and communication system for children with autism and other disabilities. Time Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, People Magazine, MTV, MSNBC, ABC News, PBS, NPR, and many other media outlets have abandoned journalistic standards to actively sponsor and promote facilitated communication despite the overwhelming scientific evidence against its effectiveness.

FC promotion is well-funded and organized. Teens and young adults watched MTV promote FC in a mini-documentary broadcast as part of its "True Life" series. A CNN-sponsored movie about FC, "Autism is a World," has been distributed without cost to thousands of public libraries. Children in our schools are being misled that facilitated communication is a valid communication method via study materials on the CNN website. The Dan Marino Foundation has sponsored public service announcements featuring FC. The Autism Society of America (ASA) has given awards for the promotion of FC. The ASA uses its own magazine, Autism Advocate, to promote FC and FC users. Under the cover of media and popular advocacy, FC is being used and promoted in schools and colleges, both public and private, while courses on facilitated communication are returning to university curricula. The dangers of facilitated communication, including its widely documented history of generating false accusations of sexual abuse, are downplayed,denied, or ignored entirely in this new promotion effort. Thousands of people whose dignity and independence could be enhanced by real interventions are instead facing a lifetime of total dependence on others.

Please show your support for the development and use of scientific interventions for developmental disabilities and your opposition to the exploitation of persons with disabilities by the promoters of this ineffective and dangerous method.

Please read the BAAM Resolution on Facilitated Communication, then submit your name to show you support for scientific treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. Please don't forget to confirm your submission by replying to the email message you will receive.

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Thank you for supporting science in autism treatment.

*Your submission will be confirmed at the email address you provide. Once verified, your name and other information will be listed along with the other signatories on the BAAM FC resolution page and your email will be added to our electronic distribution list if the box above is checked. The final determination of inclusion of names and other information on this list is BAAM's. BAAM may edit or abbreviate information for stylistic and content consistency and other reasons.You do not need to be a member of BAAM to sign. Your signature is not a vote or an official membership act of BAAM. It is a voluntary show of support for scientific treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. Listing as a signatory is a voluntary and personal. It does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of this resolution by the employers or supervisors of the individuals listed. Affiliation and position are included for identification purposes only and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of this resolution by the institutions or organizations listed.

BAAM resolution on the lack of scientific evidence for facilitated communication

BAAM resolution against facilitated communication

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